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Taylor Ice Cream Repair

Taylor Ice Cream Repair

Taylor soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt machines are known for their quality, convenience, and consistency, but they still need proper maintenance and the occasional repair.

Let’s look at a few of the most common repair issues with Taylor machines. Whether you have a soft serve, milkshake, or frozen beverage machine, these are a few of the issues that may call for a Taylor ice cream machine repair.


Unfrozen Mix

It’s probably the most common problem for soft serve ice cream machines, and it can result in a runny, unappealing mess. There are many different issues that could be interrupting the cooling process, so an expert in Taylor machines should diagnose and fix the issue immediately.


Ice Cream is Inconsistent

When the ice cream is coming out with a general inconsistency, is usually means that the temperature is uneven. It could also be caused by a poor mixing process or worn scraper blades. A qualified technician who understands Taylor soft serve machines can likely solve the problem.


Electrical Issues

Like any piece of modern machinery, a Taylor soft serve ice cream machine has wires, switches, electrical components, circuit boards, and fuses. Problems with the electrical system call for an expert technician.


Bad Thermostats

The thermostat in your ice cream machine acts in a similar fashion to the thermostat in your car: it regulates temperature. If your soft serve ice cream machine has a bad thermostat, the result is usually runny or frozen product for your customers.


Hopper is Not Cold Enough

The hopper is a cooled holding tank that maintains the low temperature of your soft serve ice cream. If it’s not cold enough, the mix will spoil, creating a potential health concern. The machine should not be used a a qualified tech should be called.


Refrigerant Leaks

All refrigeration systems are sealed. Taylor ice cream machines are included in this category where the refrigerant is sealed and allowed to pass from the compressor to the condenser and evaporator. Any leak will reduce the flow of cooling elements and affect the quality of your soft serve ice cream. More importantly, it can ultimately damage the machine including causing the compressor to fail.


Failing Compressor

Rapid freezing is essential for a high-quality soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt, and this is the responsibility of the compressor. If you have a bad compressor, make sure it is changed quickly so your product isn’t affected. It is rare, but overuse or poor electric can lead to these failiures.


Unsealed Door Frame

Your Taylor ice cream machine needs the best possible insulation to maintain a cold, smooth product. An unsealed door frame, caused by cracks or a bad alignment, can result in a mess on the floor and lots of wasted ice cream, harming your profits.


There are plenty of areas to save money, but proper maintenance and repair is not one of them. Always look for a qualified tech for repairs on you very expensive Taylor equipment.

You can count on fixice.com for qualified service and repairs on any of your Taylor ice cream machines.

We are proud to serve New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, so give us a call and let us help you keep your Taylor machines and profits running.


By Daniel Hirsch