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Franklin Chef Ice Maker Parts

Franklin Chef Ice Maker Parts

Franklin Chef Ice Machine Parts

Even more than any other appliance, ice makers require regular upkeep. Routine maintenance of your Franklin Chef ice maker will increase the working life of your machine and keep its parts clean and in good working order. For ice machine maintenance or repair, there are many servicing companies that are available, which can provide you with proper service as long as they can obtain the correct Franklin Chef parts. Franklin Chef is no longer in business, but here at fixice.com, we stock the full line of parts for every ice machine model including the FIM35, FIM44, FIM70, FIM90, FIM120, FIM200, FIM400, FIM600 and the FIM1000.
Franklin Chef was a commercial and residential appliances company, which provides a wide variety of refrigeration products. With proper maintenance and care, they should last a long time. If anything does go wrong, you can rest assure that we have any of the parts you may need.

The ice makers sold by Franklin Chef were used in both commercial and residential environments. Regardless of the location, we know how important your appliances are and the need for quick repairs. We have all parts in stock which can minimize your downtime considerably.

In addition to Franklin Chef, you will be able to find ice machine parts for Bluestone, Norpole, Grainger, Scotsman, Daewoo and MaxxIce. Our parts are original factory parts and not OEM or poor replacements so you can trust in the quality of what we offer.


By Daniel Hirsch