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Essential Ice Machine Parts

Essential Ice Machine Parts

Ice Machines are a great way of producing ice for various applications. Ice is needed to chill your drink to provide refreshment, as an ice pack for injury, food displays, coolers and other applications. Ice machines are of various types such as portable ice machines, free standing ice machines, built-in ice makers and of course the larger commercial ice machines. The benefit of using these ice machines, rather than the traditional method of producing ice in your refrigerator or freezer, is that they produce ice much fater and better quality. These ice machines, also help to remove impurities from the water, that is used to make the ice.

While ice machines are a great convenience, they do require service and replacement parts. It is important to purchase authentic parts for your Scotsman, Franklin Chef, MaxxIce, Norpole, Grainger, Daewoo and Bluestone Ice Maker. Without the correct parts, your ice maker might not work properly or efficiently.

The following are some of the essential ice machine parts:

Ice Full Sensor:  The sensor is used to evaluate the ice quanity and tells the machine to turn itself on and off.

Water Supply Tube (Inlet):  The water supply tube is essential in terms of allowing the water to flow into the ice machine.

Control Box:  The ice maker control box or button control panel is the brains of the ice machine. The control box activates and regulates all the activities of the ice machine and makes sure that the ice machine is working correctly to produce clear and pure ice. Condenser The condenser is needed to condense the refrigerant that helps the water transform into ice.

Evaporator:  The evaporator is the ice mold in the ice machine. The condensed refrigerant passes through causing the water to freeze quickly in the molds creating ice.

There are many more ice maker parts which are required for the ice machine to function, but these are the most essential parts. It is very important to purchase these items from a trusted supplier such as fixice.com. You know you will be purchasing authentic and official parts for your ice maker.

By Daniel Hirsch