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Stoelting Ice Cream Repair

Stoelting Ice Cream Repair

Stoelting makes some of the finest commercial soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt machines available, but like any technology, they will eventually need proper maintenance and repairs to ensure long-lasting performance.

These are a few of the more common repairs that may be needed. They may slow down your ice cream service, but with expert technicians, these issues can be handled in no time, minimizing your down time. This applies to soft serve, milkshake and frozen beverage machines

Mix Not Freezing
This is probably the most common soft serve ice cream machine problem that results in runny and messy ice cream. It can be caused by numerous issues related to the cooling process, but an expert on Stoelting machines can diagnose and repair it quickly.

Non-uniform Temperatures
If the ice cream from your Stoelting machine is coming out at uneven temperatures, it will mean your customers are getting low-quality ice cream that is inconsistent and undesirable.

Over-Beating the Mix
Over-beating the mix can happen when the settings to the machine are not quite right or if you are not serving enough ice cream out of the machine. With a simple, often small adjustment, this can usually be repaired quickly.

Broken Thermostats
If the thermostat is broken, the machine doesn’t know if the ice cream is too warm or too cold. A recalibration or replacement will often repair the problem.

Hopper Not Cooling
At the top of many Stoelting machines is the hopper, which is essentially a refrigerated holding tank for your soft-serve mix. If the hopper is not cooling, your mix will spoil causing a health concern for your customers.

Compressor Failure
The compressor helps an ice cream machine freeze the product as quickly as possible, resulting in a smoother soft serve with few ice crystals. If the compressor is failing, a repair will be needed immediately.

Cracked Door Frame
A crack in the door frame will mean less effective insulation for the product and usually a mess on the floor. This should be repaired immediately or you’ll be replacing a lot of ice cream from your Stoelting machine.

Leaks in the Machine
A sealed cooling system in your Stoelting ice cream machine may eventually have leaks, which can disrupt the flow of cooling agents and harm the temperature of the ice cream.

Reliable Service for Your Stoelting Ice Cream Machine

We are authorized Stoelting service and can assist with any of the above repairs in the NY, NJ and CT areas..

Contact us today and let us help you maximize your profits by keeping your machines at peak performance!

By Daniel Hirsch