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Common Ice Machine Problems

Common Ice Machine Problems

Ice machines are a great convenience in homes and a neccesity in many commercial operations. Ice can be used for a number of purposes such as chilling your drink, food displays, cooling beer or refrigerated packing. Ice makers are very proficient in making good clear ice and a better alternative to freezers and refrigerators.

However, unlike a refrigerator or freezer, ice makers have many more components and processes and over time can break down. The following points highlight some of the common problems that may arise in your ice machine.

Not Making Ice:
“Not making ice” is by far the most common comment we hear about which has so many possible solutions. There are many ice maker parts and we have mentioned a few of the worst offenders. Some can be fixed on your own and some will require a bit more experience.

No water in the machine:
Sometimes, ice makers suffer problems with the water inlet. This regulates the flow of water into the ice machine. A replacement is the best option for a water inlet failure.

No water over evaporator:
Without water flowing over the evaporator, the ice maker cannot make ice. This is usually caused by a faulty water pump which would need to be replaced. Dependig on your water quality, these should last 5-7 years.

Water is not getting cold:
This is another common problem and is usually the result of a gas leak or compressor issue. This issue will have to be looked at by an experienced technician to further diagnose the problem.

The ice machine is getting very hot:
This can be the start of a much bigger issue. You should immediately check that the evaporator fan is running. If not, shut the machine off to avoifd further damage to the machine. Contact a tech and have the fan replaced.

Cold water is running, but no ice is being formed:
This is a very popular problem which is usually a faulty bin full switch. The bin full switch tells the machine to stop making ice when the bin is full so it does not overflow.

In addition to the above, other common reasons for failure is due to poor water quality which can damage the internal components and non-dedidcated electricity which migh have multiple appliances fighting for the same power. Anything with a compressor should have its own dedicated breaker since it draws high power when the compressor starts. A water filter is also your best defence against ice machine failure.

We hope this helps when trying to self-diagnose your ice machine.

By Daniel Hirsch