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Franklin Chef Ice Machine Parts

Franklin Chef Ice Machine Parts

Ice machines have become the preferred method of producing ice. No longer do individuals have to fill their ice trays with water again and again and place them in the freezers. Not only do traditional ice trays produce limited ice cubes, but it also produces ice that is not hundred percent pure and picks up flavors and impurities from the water and freezer. Ice machines, on the other hand, with their efficient and state of the art mechanisms, guarantee the production of impurity free ice cubes and have the ability of producing a large number of ice cubes.

A Franklin Chef ice machine will require service fomr time to time and it is important to have access to the right ice machine parts for models FIM35, FIM70, FIM90, FIM120, FIM200, FIM400, FIM600 and FIM1000. It is essential to get the parts from reliable suppliers such as fixice.com who is an authorized parts dealer. Franklin Chef ice machine parts are not readily available so you must be sure you are purchasing authorized parts.

The following are some of the more important ice machine parts for Franklin Chef ice Makers:

Water Pump: The water pump is needed to transfer the water from water inlet to the evaporator, in order to allow the ice machine to have the correct amount of water in order to produce ice.

Fan Motor: The fan motor is what keeps your ice machine from overheating. Producing ice expels quite a bit of heat and without the fan and fan motor, your ice machine would not last very long. You can hear the fan motor cycle on and off and if it remains on, you should check your air flow to the machine to make sure there is sufficient air.

Condenser: The condenser allows the refrigerant to flow through the ice machine allowing it to get cold enough to make ice.

Evaporator: As the fluid becomes condensed, it flows through the evaporator, where ice is formed in the ice mold. It is during the freezing process on the evaporator, where the pure water freezes first allowing the impurities to run off and out the drain

Hot Gas Valve: The hot gas valve is used at the end of the ice making cycle to pump hot gas through the evaporator to melt the ice enough to separate from the mold allowing it to drop into the bin below.

Franklin Chef ice machine parts are designed specifically for each model so be sure to search by model such as the FIM35, FIM70, FIM90, FIM120, FIM400, FIM600 and FIM1000 or by part number listed in the manual. Substituting the wrong ice maker part wil certainly cause problems with your ice machine.

By Daniel Hirsch